The PKPDsim software package

The software covers a broad range of topics related to pharmacokinetics and
pharmacodynamics (PK/PD) of antibiotics in particular; from estimation of drug
concentrations from zone diameters in a bio assay to simulation assisted design
of experimental studies, e.g. optimum selection of dosage regimens for in vivo
effect studies.

The PKPDsim package consists of a number of programs:

The package runs on computers using Windows 7 or 10 and requires Microsoft
Office Excel (2003 or newer) and Borland Delphi command-line compiler (Delphi
Professional Ver 7.0 or newer) or Free Pascal Compiler (Ver 2.6.4 or newer).

PKPDsim uses Knuth's portable subtractive generator3 for production of pseudo-
random numbers.

Originally, the software package was developed exclusively for in-house research
use. Therefore only little time has been spent on developing a standard Windows
graphical interface for operating the software.

The various subprograms have been extensively tested on synthetic (simulation
generated) data where the "correct answer" is known as well as collaborators
genuine experimental data and - when available - also experimental data and
simulation results from the literature.


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