Poster at ICAAC 2007:
A. Sandberg, K.S. Jensen, R.L. Skov, N. Frimodt-Møller

PK/PD of Dicloxacillin (D) and Linezolid (L) against S. aureus Intra (IC)- and Extracellularly (EC) in vivo: Early drug exposure (Time>MIC for 1. dose) is crucial for effect


In Staphylococcus aureus infections, intracellular presence represents a large part of the in vivo location of bacterial cells. When planning for antibiotic treatment, this fact must be taken into account since most antibiotics diffuse poorly into eucaryotic cells. We have used the mouse peritonitis model to study PK/PD issues for dicloxacillin and linezolid on both the extra- and intracellular compartment.

Additional search terms: Compartment model, T>MIC, population PK-parameters, Monte Carlo simulation


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