Mathematical PK/PD modelling

As one of its core activities, CANDOR simulation offers expert consultancy in
mathematical PK/PD modelling to support critical decisions in drug development
and usage with focus on antibiotics.

We can support the client on a range of PK/PD-oriented tasks, such as:

Through a cross-disciplinary background in simulation-based analysis of dynamical
systems in medicine/biology/ecology/biotechnology, CANDOR simulation is perfectly
suited for supporting the clients' translational science needs.

We use the PKPDsim software package as our main simulation and analysis software
  – a dynamically evolving collection of tools created and maintained by the founder of
CANDOR simulation.

We also have a close collaboration with state-of-the-art laboratories and animal facilities
which enables us to provide optimal design of animal studies where advanced mathematical modelling is used as an integrated part of the studies to secure a high scientific benefit-cost.

CANDOR simulation offers flexible service options to meet the client's needs.
Please contact us for further details.

PKPDsim software has been used in contract research for pharmaceutical companies and in various public research studies, such as:

Article: Linezolid, intra- and
extracellular activity

Article: Dicloxacillin, intra-
and extracellular activity

Article: Ciprofloxacin, impact
of low-level resistance genes

Article: Cefuroxime, PK/PD in
healthy young people

Poster: Pivampicillin,
clinical failure

Poster: Pivampicillin,
optimal dosing

Poster: Linezolid and

Poster: Pivmecillinam
and E. coli

Poster: Mecillinam,
MIC breakpoints

Poster: Mecillinam,
murine UTI model

Poster: Cefuroxime,
optimal dosing

Poster: Ciprofloxacin
against UTI

Poster: Isoniazid in
TB patients

Material produced with PKPDsim has been presented in posters, oral presentations, and invited expert lectures, at various conferences, scientific meetings and workshops organized by:


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