Poster at SSAC annual meeting, 2007:
K. Skovbo Jensen and N. Frimodt-Møller

Modeling (piv)ampicillin PK/PD in treatment of E. coli infection: Backtracking reasons for clinical failure


Mathematical modeling of antibiotic PK/PD relationships can give important information which is impossible to obtain during treatment of clinical infections. We modeled selected dosage regimens of pivampicillin incorporating the in vitro time-kill activity against E. coli and theorized the reasons for failure in a previous study of epididymitis.

Compartmental modeling of population PK - based on data from 17 healthy volunteers - was combined with an Emax model for bacterial net growth. A clinical study of pivampicillin 700 mg q12h for epididymitis caused by E. coli was then analyzed by Monte Carlo simulation with the combined model.

Additional search terms: multi-dimensional probability distribution, MIC breakpoints, probability of target attainment (PTA), plasma concentration


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